1,000 FANS vs MINECRAFT DEATH RUN! 😈 with PrestonPlayz 👊


  • Trilogy Gaming 1 week ago

    Us sub to shot

  • Ethan Van Der-Westhuizem 1 week ago

    Preston I bought one of your shirts! I feels so soft I’m going to sleep with it on me so I’ll sleep better!😂🤣😁

  • The Ugly T 1 week ago

    Who else was one of the fans out of 6.2 mil subs

  • Eh Say 1 week ago

    1000 fans but you said 100

  • BobbyMac2 McFadden 1 week ago

    100 fans vs trolling

  • Drakey_ Gaming08 1 week ago

    OH I GOT LIKE I GOT LIKE TEN OH MY GOD ZOMBIES LETS GO BOYZ LETS GO!!!!!….Lol best intro /cut scenes or clips gonna happen in a video nice job on the catchy intro preston and by the way congrats for u and breanna👰💏💏💑💑👫👫love u both

  • Ari Pamensky 1 week ago

    Fan battle safest house ever

  • Ethan&Nolan Vlogs 1 week ago

    100 vs 5

  • M.M.R MLRZQ GT Rizq 1 week ago

    Its just like 100 fans

  • Isaac Ballash 1 week ago

    Hay Preston it a fan try same battle with Baja Canadian

  • Quinn York 1 week ago

    all the fans against you two

  • CatGoneCrazy 1 week ago

    Where is factions

  • Jerson Briz 1 week ago

    Congrats!!! 😁😁😁

  • Shark Lover 1 week ago

    Parkour race

  • jordan kracke 1 week ago

    Why is chat blured?

  • Tigertombj b 1 week ago

    🤤😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱Prestons married

  • Fly Exotics 1 week ago

    Bro when he picked kdawgs i guessed he was going to pick him

  • CZ2 Delta 1 week ago

    Hide n Seek fan battles¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lowkey Legend 1 week ago

    100 vs 2 like, a hold the tower thing. Kinda like u did with kenny a LONG time ago….. those were the good ol days

  • Zcoding 1 week ago

    how did he get the 2nd layer of peoples skin look like that

  • Zixing Lin 1 week ago

    click baited 😂🤣😂lol

  • youregirl Tay 1 week ago

    He’s married? Dude he looks 17 or 18, this is insane my life has been a lie!!!!

  • Ali Salem 1 week ago

    the vid said 1000 but its actually 100 ;-;

  • Vincent Kusko 1 week ago

    Do xrun vs fans

  • xmodxd1231 gaming1231 1 week ago

    who watches minecraft in 2018

  • AntPlayz - Gaming, Animations and more! 1 week ago


  • Mad Major 1 week ago

    Do a parkour fan video!! you vs the fans since you are really good at parkour

  • mineless fc 1 week ago

    Pvp fan battle

  • Mystic Gamer 1 week ago

    Remember Unsub from Shot Its FREE!!!

  • Onyx-Zpected Dudley 1 week ago

    Hide and seek

  • Huntrum 1 week ago

    Yessss do one like moos and unspeakable basically u build traps / parkour to a diamond in chest with a lot of fans

  • its me 1 week ago

    why did you blur out the chat?

  • GamingXPrō YT GXP 1 week ago

    Wow. You blur the minecraft chat. It must’ve been cancerous..

  • Johnyjohnson109 Blig Norf 1 week ago

    Preston still a good YouTuber but plz do it the ga e lajit

  • HazelEverblaze 1 week ago

    Why blur the chat

  • THEGRANT 30 1 week ago

    Preston sucks

  • THEGRANT 30 1 week ago

    He is such a cheater

  • Roger Gray 1 week ago

    Mincraft tnt run

  • Matas Milasevicius 1 week ago

    Fans vs parkour

  • Ethan Wiggins 1 week ago

    That beat do

  • jerome amante 1 week ago

    Why is the comments blured?

  • Phantom 27 1 week ago

    Can you pvp shotgun

  • Deacon Ho 1 week ago


  • Smackninja 103 1 week ago


  • akasina1 1 week ago

    I do do you

  • אורון בונן 1 week ago

    do koth

  • Flames Evil 1 week ago

    Another CLICKBAIT title *sigh* 👿

  • Vipergaming Pvviper 1 week ago

    There was a hacker

  • [OGC] MatteX 1 week ago

    I want his skin for Minecraft PE

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