• RealTinyGamer01 1 month ago

    Just bought a coffee mug from Preston steylez

  • Joshua Finkel 1 month ago

    Who remembers TBNRfrags?

  • ryan lujan 1 month ago

    What song does he use after his intro

  • ryan lujan 1 month ago

    What song was his intro

  • Hixsterz Gaming 1 month ago

    I Subscribe today

  • TheBaboonstataRoblox #LifeIsPokemon 1 month ago

    hey Preston u should play shulker rush from minecraft maps. its a fun minigame that is like egg wars and bed wars but it has shulkers. try it out for me plzz. 😎😎

  • CD Perfect 1 month ago

    #Preston for life

  • DETC 10 1 month ago

    preston shotgunraids put dis video 1 week ago

  • Brendan Moloney 1 month ago

    Preston do you know unspeakablegameing?

  • robert Hernandez 1 month ago

    PARKOUR! with PrestonPlayz & PeteZahHutt

  • MasterNoob 1 month ago

    excuse me just a question can u give me a way of knowing how to get on to factions on cosmic cause whenever I try it never works ty :^ )

  • Brendan Moloney 1 month ago

    hey my favourite colour is blue!

  • Ellie #1 Pup fan and fox fan 1 month ago

    I don’t know why but I had a dream last knife about me meeting u and sleeping in my house

  • Xenidote 1 month ago

    I thought you were robs best friend go wish him happy birthday
    He is sad ;-;

  • Peng Zhi 1 month ago

    Hi, Preston can you make a parody/song?

  • Genji Hashimada 1 month ago

    dab if u think preston is best at sky wars ;p

  • Banana Jelly 1 month ago

    Hey do you have Xbox 360

  • Banana Jelly 1 month ago

    If yes Can you friends me

  • Yasif Maoz 1 month ago

    Can you please start another prison series?

  • Banana Jelly 1 month ago

    reposefultea64 is my Xbox Live name

  • Banana Jelly 1 month ago

    so my original Xbox name is ghost

  • dkrkhxbmci 1 month ago

    💗💙💗 GIRLS ► #C8gqZ42f49 ◄ GIRLS 💗💙💗
    💗💙💗 GIRLS ► #C8gqZ42f49 ◄ GIRLS 💗💙💗
    💗💙💗 GIRLS ► #C8gqZ42f49 ◄ GIRLS 💗💙💗

  • MR GreenJoker 1 month ago

    do a duck texture pack

  • TBM//TheBoxingMonkey 1 month ago

    pls make more livestreams if u can

  • Johnny Gomez 1 month ago


  • I Tenox 1 month ago


  • TØP Is da best 1 month ago

    What is your last name? Next Q&A??

  • David Pineda 1 month ago

    Hey Preston why don’t you play the Pocket Edition of Minecraft? There’s tons of servers you could play it would be great content in my opinion. Love your vids btw.

  • Hammy D 1 month ago

    Preston recently I watched one of your vlogs from a year ago and you were showing us some of your cameras and I was wondering, because I’m getting into photography and shooting videos are there certain cameras I should use for photos and for videos?

  • Ryleigh Carroll 1 month ago

    bruh what happened to roblox

  • Devin Harper 1 month ago

    Where is prisons

  • PANDA 1 month ago

    watch my vids and sub

  • MyLifeAsSophia 1 month ago

    1:52, had me in tears. 😂 Oh my gosh, why are they so weird? Jk, much love! 😍❤

  • Mustafa Hawary 1 month ago

    prestonplayz do 10 unspeakablegaming vs 1 prestonplayz in murder mystery

  • MonkeyGamer5 1 month ago

    Preston is pretty much my older brother, but he is cooler, nicer and a whole lot funnier! And he always puts a smile on my face! <3 (lol, sorry bro 🙂

  • Jason Duggan 1 month ago


  • Lazy Gamer. 1 month ago

    You should do a bed wars challenge where you have a skin that looks like your wearing diamond armor

  • Nicole M 1 month ago


  • Ami Carrillo 1 month ago

    #unsubtoshot my actual MC name

  • mokhtar maskari 1 month ago

    I love u bro

  • Fonsy x 1 month ago

    If you guys get me to 100 subs I will drink bleach

  • Nugraha Akmal Yoga 1 month ago

    Preston plz do more lava run with Unspekable.

  • MG 3003 1 month ago

    *if you reading this have A BAD DAY*

    JK have nice day 🙂

  • Riley B Gamez 1 month ago

    Wtf change your pic there’s kids on this

  • EpicCrazyCGamer 1 month ago

    The people who disliked this video they are probably the people who got their beds destroyed by you

  • Kathleen Felli 1 month ago

    Do another live stream like if you agree

  • Eldev-Ochir Tsogjargal 1 month ago

    яаж наад хүн чинь нөмрөг тэй болсон юм бэ

  • HunterMC 1 month ago


  • Ross Bannon 1 month ago

    you’re not gonna believe who is perfect,

    read the first two words 🙂

  • dulguun bayarsaikhan 1 month ago


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