• Noahdet 8 months ago

    They all were in the game like for instance the stone cutter is how you uesd to get slaps and stairs

  • Garrit Morton 8 months ago

    The stone cutter is from an older version of Minecraft it used to make all of the stone things

  • EnnardMMOS AWESOMEGAMES 8 months ago

    Break the reactor in survival

  • Haydensworldtv 8 months ago

    AwEsOme ViD bRuH also can I get 1000 subs because my two dogs died 🙁

  • Animal Life Crazy 8 months ago

    The only secret block i know is the frosted ice because i enchanted my boots with frost walker

  • Cambree Fowers 8 months ago

    I can get the second blocks that the Enderman dropped in the inventory, all you do is search name or tile and you will find it, I’ve just never placed it!! ;D

  • Jorge Jimenez 8 months ago

    Its not functional anympre the reactor that is.

  • Robbie Hart 8 months ago

    The nether thing used to be in mcpe in 2014 or somthing

  • Robbie Hart 8 months ago

    Same as the stone cutter it used to use it to make stone stuff

  • lohK nosnhoJ 8 months ago

    I wish they kept the stonecutter

  • Johnny Montgomery 8 months ago


  • Native ninja Avery williams 8 months ago

    Reactor there’s a companation of cobble stone and gold block that you
    Are supposed to do to do something that was the original reason for it
    I don’t know what it will do now

  • RageTNT Craft 8 months ago

    Break the core it gives you diamonds and iron

  • Sound Hound 8 months ago

    the nether reactor core used to be in the old minecraft. it is used to activate the nether prtal

  • Hayley Kells 8 months ago


  • Hayley Kells 8 months ago


  • BattleBall 101 8 months ago

    The reactor core was the old way to enter the nether in Pocket Edition. It would generate a nether structure in the overworld. You welcome Moose. #SavageMoose

  • JimmyMCYT 8 months ago

    It used to be a block to activate the nether

  • Alexander Papantoniou 8 months ago

    Moose which game do like better minecraft or roblox

  • Alexander Papantoniou 8 months ago

    love it! moose!

  • Banter Tv 8 months ago

    Is that a mod

  • Dirk Dy 8 months ago


  • Banter Tv 8 months ago

    They were in replacement for the crafting table because they couldn’t make stone tools

  • Ethan Hannan 8 months ago

    It created a nether fortress

  • Shirl Gardiner 8 months ago

    because your nubs

  • Michelle Hayes 8 months ago

    i like moose he is funny

  • Johnathan Thomas 8 months ago

    Sponsor a new dimension

  • samuel smith 8 months ago

    10/10 moose

  • The Guy 8 months ago

    You know the drill

    Yup you know it

  • sega sega 8 months ago

    moose u could use that beacon thing for a prank like u make them think that they are in space

  • Henrythebos554 , 8 months ago


  • Grace Zeleke 8 months ago

    a stone cutter used to make stone slabs and stuff but notch then put no use to it

  • Tim0lmazan 1 8 months ago

    Actually this is Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and you’re obviously using the so-called Windows 10 Edition.

  • Tim0lmazan 1 8 months ago

    The stonecutter is only below a version of MCPE somewhere around 0.10.0, I’m not sure.
    It was used for crafting stone blocks like stone bricks or cobblestone stairs.

    The nether reactor was a place holder for the nether before 0.9.0. and the glowing obsidian was part of it. It would generate a chunk of netherrack, then mobs and sweet loot will spawn inside.

    The rest exists in the game in survival, but they’re just not obtainable.

    Who remembers the crafting recipe for the Nether Reactor?

  • bossman piips 8 months ago


  • Christopher Landen 8 months ago


  • Περσεας Αδαμ 8 months ago


  • Timothy Kroening 8 months ago

    A stone cutter used to make all the different types of stone bricks

  • Graham Corts 8 months ago

    hi moose

  • Owen Bourassa 8 months ago

    The nether reactor is a block that used to be used to go to little piece of the nether in the old versions

  • Itsmoosecraft101 8 months ago

    moose the stone cuter only works on the old update on mcpe the very old one

  • Mr.Ender Man 8 months ago

    Does two blocks are old blocks wen I was 5 I playend Mincraft wen I was 5

  • Mr.Ender Man 8 months ago

    Makes stone mutiriols

  • gamereaper011 8 months ago

    i vote moose craft house for the win boo ya

  • Marielle thebaut gublin 8 months ago

    On one cutter you can make slabs and stairs it’s from a really old minecraft pc and makes polished stuff

  • 李兆通 8 months ago

    stonecutter was once a crafting table

  • 李兆通 8 months ago

    nether reactor is a block that spawns a little nether
    glowing obsidian is a kind of nether reactor

  • Ojārs Januš 8 months ago


  • Big Dawg 3 197 8 months ago

    the core is from a older version off pe mincraft loom it up on u tube what it does it is super awesome but they got rid of it on version 1.0.0 super old

  • Braydon Hand 8 months ago

    I love ur intro

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