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    My birthday 🎂 is tomorrow

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    It hurts

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    Late squad where you at?

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    THAT IS SO AWESOME I LOVE IT but Watching the vid is more awesome when u have moose milk

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    Shuler boxes don’t look like that

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    Hello moose milk my new friend I’ve come to drink you again

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    Why plsss

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    Moose is beak fest

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    U said aphmau I love her vids yeeeeeeee

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    Moose for a troll put unspeakably spawn point in his house but put turret on to your side but make sure all of his stuff gose away

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    I already had this add on but didn’t know how to use it thanks

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    moosecraft shark found out that green Steven and red Steve fight each other if when you get this tell unspeakablegaming right away

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    What about aphmau

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    I can’t hear the music

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    2: 49 you said APHMAU I LOVE HER SO MUCH

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    You live with “YoMammasminecraft

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    Hay moose do your fnaf world rolplay with all of the characters from fnaf 1,2,3,4 and sister location

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    MOOSE your the the best and #savagemoose and my minecraft user name for minecraft is it’scatcraft

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    Backrest for life

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    I think the stone gard is a weeping angel

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    Your a awesome youtuber i love it when you do try not too laugh challenge

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    can you play mods in moosemods and minecraft in moosecraft i stopped waching you cause you were playing minecraft for 1000000000 yrs

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    Do a troolwars video

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    Trains mod

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    Do a flying mod

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    Do a moose mod

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    Is your in-game gamertag ItzMooseCraft?

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    i love you moose

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    I tried all deas thing none worked

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    What mod is this and i sub i love you 😃💕

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    I drink moose milk

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    My bones ate stronger 💪

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