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  • abdel basset smara 3 months ago

    this should be in quark 😉

  • Catherine Reed 3 months ago

    Normally, I love you and think you are great and wish my son were more like you… but this video just caused me to feel how sharp the backs of my teeth are and how much I hate cat noises when they are in heat… Yea, sharp edges on my teeth, and silly noises from my cat… thanks! bye!

  • Ivar Ängquist 3 months ago

    Mumbo! If you havent already, you should really check out scrap mecanic. Almost all of your ideas already exists in that game.

  • Flaze07 3 months ago

    did you make a mod for this video ?

  • Imperial Drone 3 months ago

    I wanna see you play with mods. Imagine red power.

  • ForverGone 3 months ago

    9:32 or you could break it XDDD

  • AnnaLoves3Cats 3 months ago

    you could brake the world with more than 12 block push

  • AnduRo 3 months ago

    7:33 i think it should be like this:

    1. if most are on it will be ON

    2. if number of ones ON is equal to the ones OFF it will flick like crazy (maybe explode after a suritaint time , bun pesonal i would not like it)

    3. if most are OFF , it will be OFF

  • ChickenBG 7 3 months ago

    wireless redstone is already done and it’s good for making wireless morse code

  • Kye Fraser 3 months ago

    The redstone thing that detects movement is epic!

  • Kye Fraser 3 months ago

    A mega-piston that when you activate it, it makes the block go about 10 times more blocks forward then it should. If the block is more heavy, like gold it shouldn’t go as far, if it’s light like sand it should go slightly further

  • Kye Fraser 3 months ago

    A block that deletes things within a radius but only certain blocks. I think it should delete weak blocks 5 in front of it, harder blocks like cobble 3 in front and almost indestructible blocks like obsidian only 1. Bedrock obviously shouldn’t be destroyed

  • Cykoru 3 months ago

    Crafting a hopper with a trapped chest should make a locked hopper

  • Marionette Loves Gaming 3 months ago

    about suggestion 10, i totally agree, but there could be a block breaking device, so you don’t need a wither cage, and it could be very expensive to make, but a block placer would just suck.

    Also, there could be a semi auto crafting table, you put the resources in, it crafts them while you walk away.

  • Sebastiaan Roest 3 months ago

    Mumbo it should be that you bind the lever to the resiever by shift right-click and than one unstacked

  • Katie Potaty 3 months ago

    The wireless lever would be great for lights so you don’t have redstone everywhere just for nice lighting

  • Mr SwagBallzXXX 3 months ago

    i wish u could burn coal blocks, and it would explode like tnt only with fire instead of blow things up, also INCREASE PISTON PUSH LIMIT!!!!! i build flying machines and it is a real pain

  • Char Beast 3 months ago

    Idea reinforced piston can move any block
    Note to self watch the whole video before commenting

  • Triston Van Der Schans 3 months ago

    How about a redstone stick, so you don’t have to place and break levers or buttons or ohter temporarily stuff. If you would click with it, it would give a one tick pulse and take 1 durability. If you would keep using the stick, you would get a pusle until you stop using it, while using it would take a some durability per second

  • Groggimus555 3 months ago

    A double piston/sticky piston

  • Unbreaking Dirt 3 months ago

    I would love a dispenser that can dispense ender pearls!!

  • Mr.Builds 3 months ago

    I have an idea for the motion censor to where you can put it in a crafting table with a sword and it would automatically hit people when they walked in front.

  • FreakyX 3 months ago

    Mumbo think a little harder if mojang had to add your ideas or anyone in fact it might take longer to do the redstone update adding blocks and items are easy but making wiring components will take longer than fixing a bug and also there will be more bugs in redstone or even a posible crash but i do think it will be good but all that will come in a future update when there are very little bugs i will even try proggram a copy of minecraft and see if it will make more bug or no bugs but till then i will tell you if it can be done then there might be a posiblity for it to happen so yea but i will tell you if or not it will work.

  • Dancing Zeus 3 months ago

    I would like the possibility to place redstone torches upside down.

  • Nitya Bauer 3 months ago

    can you make a rubix cube in minecraft with pistins to move it?

  • Blobfish Person 3 months ago

    I think your texturing is lovely!!! 😀

  • John Wertz 3 months ago

    One thing I would like to see is a hopper that has two outputs

  • I think there should be an option to change a dispenser to place blocks

  • puffnpluky76 3 months ago

    “If we place a piston in front of this thing, and then go around the back of it and flick the lever- YOU CAN SEE THAT OUR PISTON HAS NOW BEEN FLIPPED!!!”

  • Grant Friar 3 months ago

    That’s all nodded blocks but with worse textures

  • Rowen Fletcher 3 months ago

    Good vid

  • Meowgical Or Not 3 months ago

    I agree with number 10 but I do want somthing that can break blocks so I can make contraptions more compact. If they add that, although, I don’t think you should be able to collect the block. Sorry this comment is so long, I just wanted to say my opinion =P

  • Nicholas Joseph 3 months ago

    Why dont you make your own redstone mod and do a single player play through with it

  • Meowgical Or Not 3 months ago

    Never mind my comment isn’t long compared to IceMetalPunk’s, No offense IceMetalPunk

  • LaunchedPond21_Yt 3 months ago

    I think you have good ideas and nice texturing

  • liquidminds 3 months ago

    I just wish that levers and item-frames took redstone input to switch/rotate item.
    Would be really cool to have those features.

  • Adam Eason 3 months ago

    5:54 i feel like the piston would be useless… unless its a bud when you do that… then… no i still dont know what to use it for.

  • Łukasz Sypień 3 months ago

    MEMORY TAPE/DRIVES – In my opinion minecraft lacs an efficent way to store data (redstone-wise ofc 😉 ). There are many historical techniques to store data, like punched cards and tape, that could blend into minecraft mechanics, maybe also something based on magic or ender eyes. Other option is to add a sort of filter for observer, to detect colour of wooll/glass/concrete in memory tape, effectively transfering from 1-bit to 16-bit memory. It would be much more handy, and allow constructions such as Turing machines & various automations to be much more compact.

  • Łukasz Sypień 3 months ago

    Most of Your ideas are implemented in some mods, the ‘rotator’ is added by Immersive Engineering as ‘turntable’, (i think that mod would perfectly fit the mustachy style) also good old better than wolves implemented something like that. The selective stickyness is implemented by all ‘frame’ themed mods, beginning with abundoned ‘RedPowe’r mod, then ‘redstone in motion’, ‘remain in motion’ and ‘funky locomotion’. ‘Extra utilities’ and ‘random things’ add a bunch of redstone sensors, the motion sensor should be somewhere.

  • Edward Davis 3 months ago

    My ideas are; I love bluestone still. Logical gates maybe, but maybe not. Perhaps vertical (or greenstone made with slime) that can go on walls? A double sided piston. A piston that pushes then retracts, pulling itself to the thing it pushed. A redstone radiator, that once activated, sends out redstone in all direction (think running redstone into solid block, but has it’s own block) can have ticks, extending it. Imagine a hopper block, but like the observer, where if it detected a loose block near it, it grabs (or un-dispense). A wide 2x1x2 piston. A keypad maybe for more advance stuff. A block that serves the same function as an item in a frame, with a comparitor behind it, where you click and cycle through, giving out a different signal out the back of it.

    That’s about it.

  • Adam M 3 months ago

    What about a reverse dispenser? Like any block in front of it will be sucked into its inventory.

  • Asa Schaad 3 months ago


  • Jai Bell 3 months ago

    5:21 *”the displacer”*

  • DaloDaloDalo 3 months ago

    1.15, The Extreme Redstone update, MOJANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Smooth Chaos 3 months ago


    This needs to be a thing. Slimeballs are essentially useless for anything else. Imagine like slime traps. Kind of like placing down cobwebs? Or even be ignitable, and burn a block below it? Idk who knows the possibilities.

    Imagination. Lol

  • Light Rifler 3 months ago

    Future vid idea: make redstone contraptions to demonstrate all the block uses

  • Harold Gao 3 months ago

    an item ID detecter

  • Cyan Animations 3 months ago

    The problem with the reverse piston is if you put a sticky reverse piston to a wall and put a power source next to it, it will push itself away from the source, losing contact, so it will retract again, but in that case it ends up next to the power source again, creating an endless loop of in and outs

  • Doom Junyu 3 months ago

    Here’s what mods are for ^^

  • Graeme Burtis 3 months ago


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