Today we play one of the best maps in 1.11.2!



  • Nicademus Doh 7 months ago

    who cool

  • Panda FirePlayz 7 months ago

    I miss risk ;(

  • madison baily 7 months ago

    when jerome does not know what a dead bush does

  • JT Wojciechowski 7 months ago

    when is the second part of best traps of Minecraft

  • Jon Franke 7 months ago

    what about h4m?
    bacca bank?

  • Miranda Miller 7 months ago

    Says he doesn’t know what to use as fuel source…had 8 freaking sticks in his inventory 😒

  • HeyItsPixel 7 months ago

    Was anyone else screaming at him about the sand?

  • AgentCaveSpider 7 months ago

    Your intro always scares meh! XD

  • Nathan Appegarth 7 months ago

    H4m please.

  • Brodie Potta 7 months ago

    Jerome a new minigame idea so get what ever superhero blind bag you want and then open them and have a battle with the gear that you get

  • Bubba C 7 months ago


  • Julius Soo 7 months ago

    at 38:34 who else was like you already got sticks from the deadbush leave a like if this gets enough likes then jerome will realize that deadbushes give you sticks when broken

  • Julius Soo 7 months ago

    jerome should play horror maps at 3:00 a.m with ben and tewtiy and dondo

  • Traycer Does Things 7 months ago

    At 38:51 Jerome had a brain fart.

  • Tigo Goes 7 months ago

    jerome has no friends. 1 like is 1 friend.

  • Kaleb Brooks 7 months ago

    Dantdm said how’s it going

  • Chroughnie 1 7 months ago

    Follow the question marks… yes

  • Oisin Ryan 7 months ago

    Is that a bacca at 1:49

  • Liam Casserly '18 7 months ago

    He is so desperate. This channel is dying along with the other minecraft ones.

  • Sexy Beast 7 months ago

    Jerome you should play creativerse it’s free on steam and really fun! It has its similarities to minecraft but it has better graphics and cool alien looking monsters.

  • jacob mackie 7 months ago

    rip h4m

  • DjWafflez 7 months ago

    This is a really cool and amazing game 😀 It should be a mini game!!! Btw Jerome i miss The Nexus Server D;

  • Bad Wolf261 7 months ago

    Monkeys are smarter than Baccas

  • Alexander Elderhorst 7 months ago

    I hope 1 day he learns how to break a dead bush lol

  • Lukas Kråkström 7 months ago

    jerome the lost potato 2 is lost

  • Gabi Barukcic 7 months ago

    Jerome in 1.9 and up dead bushes give youz sticks you didnt have them

  • Cairon 7 months ago

    “I didn’t need a hint…”
    **10 seconds later**
    “I don’t know how to make a note block.”
    **10 seconds later**
    “How do you make a dispenser?”

  • mrcaptkaos 7 months ago

    You ha

  • mikki 12 7 months ago

    how many did jerome google 👎👎

  • Raquel Nieves 7 months ago

    can you play pixelmon

  • Thomas Cherry 7 months ago

    I.e. Rome I didn’t see that block of sant till you pointed it out

  • Boosted Bro's 7 months ago

    join this server:

  • sheila beck 7 months ago

    jermoe can you plz pranked somebody? plz??

  • sir bazzinton 7 months ago

    there was a bacca in the window behind pat

  • Kris Jarc 7 months ago

    did you quit h4m

  • stephan Yoseph 7 months ago

    He didn’t have two sticks on him but in later versions of minecraft dead bush can drop sticks

  • supergamigmonkey 7 months ago

    I got the sticks from dead bush

  • Tuấn Thanh Nguyễn 7 months ago

    the funny thing is Jerome broke the sand under the dead bush he got 2 stick and he don’t realize it

  • Zach Shulick 7 months ago

    the deadbush though

  • phitor75 7 months ago

    wtf minecraft revipes in minecraft

  • Ekorni Buscho 7 months ago

    OMG he knows pat and Jen 🙂

  • Ruth LaMarr 7 months ago

    dead bush is sticks

  • Madison Kieffer 7 months ago

    Jerome! There was a bacca in the window behind Pat and Jen!

  • CaptainKraveFTW 7 months ago

    did I just get clickbated?

  • EliteNinja 7 months ago

    Preston did this too

  • Leo Stilleborn 7 months ago

    There was two swedish yters in the game

  • Derpy Squid 7 months ago

    Shrubs gave sticks from before the update

  • Mr. Dragon Forged 7 months ago

    Jerome are you Ceaser ?

  • bacca raid 7 months ago


  • Sylvia Mitchell 7 months ago

    Use sticks!

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