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  • JACK HOWWLER 6 months ago

    Go check uhc players how fast they craft

  • AtomicSuperMe 6 months ago

    360, PC, tablet, PS3, PS4, mobile. Sound like favoritism. What about the Xb1 and switch?

  • Chen Riheng 6 months ago

    “You can’t control a pig or any animal while riding it.” What the shit you can control a pig with carrot on a stick and the horse, which is the only other ridable animal, can be ridden with a saddle. the gamer? More like the idiot

  • Ocarina Of Gaming 6 months ago

    Notification squaaaaad

  • Elmer Howard 6 months ago

    I hit bedrock but I don’t know how many minutes or seconds

  • Nicholas Kam 6 months ago

    Can i do the challenges in andriod?

  • Mike Simone 6 months ago

    Check me out. Coz I will beaut these records (some of em). And I will post em on my chan as soon as possible

  • God W4ff3l 6 months ago

    I beat rock bottom i got in 1:36 secs

  • BestAnimeMoments 6 months ago

    the record with the hous build took me 30 sec i dont know if i didnt understood the record time or the chellenge XD

  • Thalia Svatora 6 months ago

    When I was on a server I play some one one shoted the Wither

  • Lizzie Plaxz 6 months ago

    Thia is a secret 😉

    Read more

  • Lizzie Plaxz 6 months ago


  • phonettm 6 months ago

    Video has no purpose or meaningful value

  • Cool Orange Fox 6 months ago

    A world record they want you to break is to buy minecraft as many times possible XD

  • The AnimalKing 6 months ago

    I live in SLOVENIA

  • UnicornMochi 6 months ago

    How to be invisible to endermans:
    1. Use a pumkin

  • Buttercup 6 6 months ago


  • Donut Pig 6 months ago

    287 blocks jumped imma beat it

  • Vincent Rabajoie 6 months ago

    “the game wants you to break”
    NO it doesn’t, it’s up to you

  • minecraf saint mcs 6 months ago


  • TheMostRandomName 6 months ago

    This shit is sad.

  • GoldenGospel96 6 months ago

    i know this is off topic but i have a protogent ad right now

  • polloppo 6 months ago

    netherlands are good real good

  • Sean Parkes 6 months ago

    1:49 ibxtoycat

  • nesiclor 6 months ago

    im actually the leader of the rock bottom record, i play in survival and want to make a mine and oops i instantly reach bedrock

  • The Pro Doejang 6 months ago

    Im from netherlands

  • Portalmaster 9 6 months ago

    I want to do try one of these but I only have mobile 🙁

  • Xxyhes 6 months ago

    records done by 2 year olds and adults think they are good but they are fucking horrible and at pvp 283 blocks is shit for 2 blocks jump straight nigga I can go on for a year.

  • Xxyhes 6 months ago

    his channel name is the gamer but this fuck IL don’t know shit about any game moreover he doesn’t know shit about minecract

  • IceyTheWolf23 shadepenguin 6 months ago

    “All systems” bruh, you forgot Xbox 1.

  • Almighty Loaf 6 months ago

    Minecraft already broke the world record for most cancerous game on earth

  • The MCPE Chicken 6 months ago

    There was this one time I built a TNT shaped creeper and then I covered it with green wool then I lit up the huge thing exploded that it crashed my game

  • Zack playz Gamez /vlogs 6 months ago

    I did the 2dec one in 4

  • TheSam54123 6 months ago

    When they say no mods or cheats, does that count Optifine?

  • King Kowen 6 months ago

    I just beat the 27 stairs record in a minute with 29 stairs on my 4th attempt. I’m sure anyone could do a lot better.

  • Frank The Plank 6 months ago

    I like minecraft, but not just the way little kids use it.

  • Shadow Gaming 6 months ago

    I’m a try da pig ride

  • G. Henry Webster 6 months ago

    This should be in one of those things where they play the sentence 3 times, each time a bit slower.

  • Tiger J .1 Week 6 months ago

    My name is ***** my number **********

  • jonathan antonio 6 months ago

    I did. Every thing in 1 sec

  • Albertus Killian 6 months ago

    Hy is Afrikaans ne?

  • THEGAMERKID420 GoodVibrationsDrifting 6 months ago

    Minecraft is the most cringest game on the internet.

  • Braddah J 6 months ago

    What about pe minecraft

  • caleb carrelas 6 months ago

    ok these weren’t very hard to beat records looking back into my earlier years of playing minecraft i beat 8 out of the 10 he just listed i just never submitted my videos of beating them cause …..well i didn’t have a PC or any other console other than my Xbox 360 which sucked honestly cause i really wanted to share my achievements

  • Batman Robin 6 months ago

    Fastest crafting goes to unclassified crafting

  • dcshoeco193 6 months ago

    nobody noticed me but I got 2.3 secconds no mods or in creative

  • SUCC ME 6 months ago

    Crafting challenge?
    PC: hella hard!!

    PE: damn so easy

  • ma3 the unbeatable 6 months ago

    Do you ever give credit to anyone? There is nothing saying where the ffotage comes from. And you definately did not do it yourself.

  • GVNQZN25 #sub 6 months ago


  • Austin Barton 6 months ago

    Next : top 10 times when littel kids rage

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