• someone cool 1 week ago

    If you want to go the extra mile with the Mediterranean design you could replace the spruce roof with a brick one

  • partyengineer 1 week ago

    Grian how do you think of these thing it amazing try this mid evil castle on starter material

  • dirtbikeboy0711 1 week ago

    You need to try using the mod chisels and bits. It’s a really cool mod for making very detailed buildings. And I thing you’ll love the mod

  • Christina Wong 1 week ago

    was that a bill wurtz reference at 4:49

  • Vishal Kumar 1 week ago

    hello can you help me i have a problem with my minecraft. the problem is when i change or select my resoures and shader pack ,my minecraft is hanged it did not work .please help

  • Jason Sutton 1 week ago

    Grian pls make another building you’re comments vid build swap vid more tutorial vids would just be nice to revisit building your comments and definetly build swap… aaa taurtis how i miss your building

  • Draw-O -Holic 1 week ago

    Super designs!!!!

  • Josh Treleaven 1 week ago

    These are not really mob-proof. I wouldn’t live in one as a starter house unless I torched up the entire surroundings.

  • Josh Treleaven 1 week ago

    Also, where are the chests? If this is a true starter house, there needs to be dedicated storage.

  • Choo Choo Master 1 week ago

    You could put some leaves on umm…. *on grians mind. What is that block…. Fencegates

  • Choo Choo Master 1 week ago

    10:05 Whoosh!

  • Choo Choo Master 1 week ago

    Grian showing mountain house:Takes the whole new level

  • MaoriMiner _NZ 1 week ago

    I’d love to see a let’s build series

  • NoArtisticLimitation 1 week ago

    I’ve seen the carpets on fence thing in one of the homes in my realm. Someone’s building a house above ground to protect them from most mobs, and they’re using the carpets to get up.
    (Then again I have someone living in a hill, a woollen sheep pen, a simply MASSIVE office-looking Building, a giant tree that’s a million times more spectacular than the tiny “house” its next to, and something that looks like a face with a secret underground home built beneath it, so that’s hardly the oddest home XD I love how unique my world is. Everyone has their own personal “style”, and it makes me so happy to see it all)

  • NoArtisticLimitation 1 week ago

    You have NO idea how grateful I am to see the Simple Underwater House idea! I’ve been putting off making an underwater base for so long because of how complicated it is… or at least, how complicated I THOUGHT it was… Now I’m so excited to work on this, it’s crazy!

  • Robyn LaRose 1 week ago

    I showed my friend this and she said wait how do you get the cobble stone.

  • Aksel The Danish 1 week ago

    That ravine and that cliff ones is just… so… AWESOME!!!

  • Jayden Lakeesha 1 week ago


  • BigFatPanda 1 week ago

    Thank you grian so much, I’ve found every single house useful. I have a “nations” server where there different groups of people with different styled villages/towns. Now I have so many ideas because of this. Thank you again! 🙂

  • TheHappyLad 1 week ago

    Just a suggestion, but with your master-level building techniques, could you please do a Sims 4 build guide for a non-creative Joe like me? If not a build guide, do a challenge or just a speed build. Keep up the good work Grian!!!

  • MudwingsCool 1 week ago

    grian, have you ever thought about being an architect, like in real life, you’d be good!

  • Sinewy Puppy 1 week ago

    Could you do a tortarial for the houeses

  • Alok Ambekar 1 week ago

    Tutorial… mediterian one

  • Fast Flier 1 week ago

    my house is a tiny ut that can barely fit a crafting table furnace bed and 2 chests its 5X4. 🙁

  • Griffin Laing 1 week ago

    Who thinks the modern house looks like I built it

    (Meaning it’s not good)

  • Galactic Adventurer 1 week ago

    Wow, ive been watching you since you had 1k or so (on my other acc) and now you got 2mil! Great job!

  • Squashy Burger Smash 1 week ago

    Grain make a tutorial for your pig house drenched in pig sty!please

  • Mohamed Ali Hadid 1 week ago

    I actually build it In early minecraft pe but not that cool

  • Cassy Berry 1 week ago

    Hey grain can you maybe do a tutorial on the first one? Or maybe just a video on how to meld/build a build into the terrian or how to make it look good lol

  • Noxious 1 week ago

    And how will a Starter Build that?

  • Nica van der Hidde 1 week ago

    Does anyone know what texture pack this is?

  • Hampus Sjölander BÄ 5 1 week ago

    Have you tried to do functional house. If you do does houses in survival mode you would die instantly. This video is just stupid.

  • Pál Benyovszky 1 week ago

    I’m new to minecraft and i have a question: What’s the point of a beginner house? One can survive the first night in a dirt hut, and once you build a house why not make it your base?

  • Starter Plays 1 week ago

    Hey Grian do a tutorial on how to build the battle bus from fortnite like if you agree

  • boblake vlogs 1 week ago


  • blast Gaming 1 week ago

    How come Sam isn’t making any videos

  • Prince Fox Gaming 1 week ago

    I know dark oak looks nice but its very rare in survival

  • Addi Cotton 1 week ago

    A modern hobbit hole

  • Flopsy Oakley 1 week ago

    you should play more gang beasts
    you seemed to have fun with that

  • Sean Vassallo 1 week ago

    When is the next evolution video?

  • Elijah Louis-Seize 1 week ago

    Can you please make 1.13 themed building ideas and houses

  • Dorian Levesque 1 week ago

    I love to make Minecraft mansions

  • Caoimhe Walker 1 week ago


  • Caoimhe Walker 1 week ago


  • Angie Moreno 1 week ago

    Dude u need to show us how to make it on this vid.😏

  • Samy51 - 1 week ago

    What’s your opinion on bark and smooth stone

  • TheRamBoiiii 1 week ago

    Bridge base is bae. Tutorial?

  • Unicorn Maximum 1 week ago

    Pls give advice on how to make a good tree house

  • Ariel Rozen 1 week ago

    I love how the whole time he sounds like a real estate agent trying to sell each house

  • Aubrey Brooke-Cowden 1 week ago

    Have you played block heads it’s a game on the iPad or iPhone

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