• Shadow Red Gaming 3 weeks ago

    sockowocka should live with you cause you are the best

  • sonic. and megaman sonicman 3 weeks ago

    He is a cool character like Tyler

  • Maria Gomez 3 weeks ago

    Sakawaka stayed with you until the last battle which was in the surgery. Captain toad left with you guys and where was he throughout the whole 2 episodes??

  • superiberson paul cat 3 weeks ago

    His save your life in one episode from Alex remember

  • Tony Gamer 101 3 weeks ago

    Sakawaka should live with you because he sacrificed his life for you

  • Collin Kalsto 3 weeks ago

    Pls let Shaka waka stay he soon cool he sacrificed his life for you and went through so much pls let him stay

  • Mandy Rodgers 3 weeks ago

    Sakawaka would make a good charcter again and he sacrificed his life so PLEASE put him in

  • star man 3 weeks ago

    he should stay because he has been in a goo friend and didey kong

  • Edwin Torres 3 weeks ago

    Pls jr bring him back

  • Edwin Torres 3 weeks ago

    Hi is a loyal friend

  • Harold Mackani 3 weeks ago

    Sakawaka should live with bowser jr because is a good friend for junior and save is life for im

  • CRC Gaming 3 weeks ago

    sakawaka will be a great character

  • BHYJEOZ PLAYZ 3 weeks ago

    sakawaka sakawaka yay another chanse

  • Anthony De La Cruz 3 weeks ago

    Well Swaka is back look at likes more then 1.k ps I spelled that name so bad

  • Mr.Meep70 3 weeks ago

    My reason why sakawaka should stay is because he made mistakes in his past an now if u give a chance to try again I’ll Bet he will be a infinity power of Good. P.s # Keep sakawaka! One more thing he sacrificed himself to save u guys what would happen if he didn’t sacrifice himself for u Huh!?!?

  • Slyvester Hall 3 weeks ago

    I ethic stay

  • Tristan Neale 3 weeks ago

    Because he’s asome

  • Mario Bezzina 3 weeks ago

    Were is captain toud

  • Mateo Flores 3 weeks ago

    sakawaka should live in the fun house cuz he is cool

  • Nintendo Fun House 3 weeks ago

    Sackawacka is awesome

  • Niamh Farrell 3 weeks ago

    I’m just happy he’s back.Also I like that they robbed Captain.It was funny.😂

  • Metal sonic 11 3 weeks ago

    Sonic is the best

  • 25Connor Tyson 3 weeks ago

    Yes bring sakawaka but still keep captain and do a video were captain meets toad

  • Joseph Castro 3 weeks ago

    He should because you did so much for him

  • maud louis 3 weeks ago

    Yes your friend

  • Alexis Orellana 3 weeks ago

    Make tree house back yard

  • iFearedbatman 71 3 weeks ago

    Sakawaka is cool

  • Alexandra Barrera 3 weeks ago

    I want Sakwaka in the fun house because he is like a brother to bowser jr,Tyler,Catin,and gail

  • Kaleb Ross 3 weeks ago

    Sakawaka should stay because he is a member of the series

  • PikaZushiGaming 3 weeks ago

    Sakawaka NEEDS to stay!

  • xoxo xoxo 3 weeks ago

    Sakawaka should live with you guys since he did technically risk his life for you guys?

  • Grayson Slaminski 3 weeks ago

    sakawaka should stay! he was very nice to them

  • Revee Galaxy 3 weeks ago

    Sakawaka died for junior. He deserves to be let back in.

  • Internet Alright 3 weeks ago

    bring sakawaka back

  • Jonathan Peraza 3 weeks ago

    Sakawaka should stay. PLZ LET SAKAWAKA STAY

  • Jonathan Peraza 3 weeks ago

    Plz let sakawaka stay

  • J Maharaj 3 weeks ago

    Dude, JR has 52 diamonds left from buying the house 1 diamond = 1 million and jR kept them to him self

  • ShadowNight 3 weeks ago

    He is a fun character and he is awesome

  • Grayson Seymour 3 weeks ago

    he is my fav

  • Leo Echavez 3 weeks ago

    Where’s captain

  • Bluetoadhihi Games 3 weeks ago

    Sakawaka should live there because he’s a fan favorite

  • Charlotte Jean-Pierre 3 weeks ago

    Soccer Walker sugar. Because he’s your loyal friend he can help you along all you your Ventures and people like him he’s cool and that’s why I think he should live with you again because basically he’s like your best friend and he is loyal and cool

  • Diamond Core 3 weeks ago

    Stay Sakawaka you are awesome and legit and sick

  • Spunky Critter 3 weeks ago

    💩 head

  • Troy Elliott 3 weeks ago

    he should stay because everyone likes him

  • Jake Mcknight 3 weeks ago

    He is the best

  • Logan Silva 3 weeks ago

    Because he’s your friend

  • doidletp 3 weeks ago

    Don’t they still have 54 million dollars left from when bought the house ?

  • doidletp 3 weeks ago

    Let him stay ‼️

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