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  • Vacated Racer 7 months ago

    I knew 3 a.m. wasn’t real About minecraft forgot😂🚵

  • Samir Abbas 7 months ago

    Thanks for giv8ng 5his now I could tell my friends gold is not that badl

  • king donkey kong 7 months ago

    who believes this stuff

  • Meatball Lover 7 months ago

    I’m going to be honest I thought Herobrine was real for a very long time

  • Killer Cat 7 months ago

    Diamonds dont have a big chance of spawning near lava its just that they are most commenly “Found” There… (Am still digging underground near lava. PLus then i dont need frikin torches)

  • KenesGAMING-Clash Royale And More 7 months ago

    I love the Talko

  • [BFR] Tommy 7 months ago

    1:25 well in real life everything isnt cubes

  • Fat Gaming 7 months ago


  • Fat Gaming 7 months ago


  • Electronic Explosion 7 months ago

    The commentary is crap.

  • Planet Monkey 7 months ago

    2:50 glow stone gives light level 15 Also gold is useless. By the time you get gold, you’ll have iron and iron is better than gold.

  • dino- Popcicle 7 months ago

    You forgot the point that people say it’s a good game

  • Q Reeves 7 months ago

    *Just to be that guy*

    ROBLOX is better. 😛

  • Richard Sisco 7 months ago

    herobrine isn’t a mob he’s a hacker and from tall tales that i for one do not believe is notches brother.

  • BANANA MAN 7 months ago

    Hey everyone I just uploaded my first video pls watch it

  • Evan gaming and fun 7 months ago

    who the fuk is moyang it is mojang!

  • Evan gaming and fun 7 months ago

    he said igguots

  • holly cree 7 months ago

    Minecraft is cringy

  • the lucky owl a the lucky wolf 7 months ago

    hero Brien is real check out 09shakboys Chanel

  • Gerard Liboiron 7 months ago

    Stop saying Moyang

  • Parkour Golden Cactus 7 months ago

    This dud is s lie whoever made the video

  • Edward Richtofen 7 months ago

    i fisted herobrine

  • Mariah Quezada 7 months ago

    He said moyang

  • Anaya Jones 7 months ago

    If the mining bedrock rumor were to be true, go find some rocks and find something to do.

  • ll_BAdBux_ll _YT 7 months ago

    What, 6 golden ingates

  • A Commentator 7 months ago

    *_0:05_* minecraft was released in 2009. Uhm why does no one these days know that?

  • Jared Barker 7 months ago

    Lava doesn’t cause ores to spawn more frequently near it’s veins, BUT, it’s easier to use a water bucket and follow the lava veins than mine through layers of stone. This might have caused people to believe the former, but it also is a good incentive to explore lava tunnels on layer 11 since it requires less mining. Contrary to what this video recommends, I would recommend bringing a water bucket, mining on layer 11 for diamonds and if you hear lava, try to mine towards the lava as your tunnel will be 1 layer above the lava, thus preventing it from pouring in. Plus, a single water bucket can very easily freeze an unlimited amount of lava blocks into obsidian if you keep placing it down and picking it up in different places.

  • TheLightBulb 7 months ago

    Wasn’t Minecraft released in 2009?

  • DaDoge 7 months ago

    herobrine isnt rumored (ignore my spelling) to b a fired Moyang employye (ignoe my spelling again and also MOJANG) entity 303s creator is btw entity 303 is meant to be ahack (fake)

  • Vinicius Domingues 7 months ago

    Mob spawners aquired in creative? LOL

  • CalebGamez - Minecraft & More! 7 months ago

    The gold pickaxe is only faster when both pickaxes are not enchanted, but when enchanted with efficiency 3 or more (which is most likely what you will have) then gold is slower than diamond.

  • TheGoldenKnight 7 months ago

    Going to y lvl 12 is good Bessie’s it base a lot of diamond and not muck lova

  • Luke In Art 7 months ago

    Going to lava pools is gold is good for getting precious ores, you see the spawning rate doesnt change its just your seeing far more blocks with less effort at the right level whereas when branch mining you only see the 6 blocks around you in a lava pool you see hundreds.

  • Fate64 7 months ago

    uhh heres 2 lies:
    1.9+ sucks
    and y11 is the best level for diamonds- barely.

  • Adot Militar 7 months ago

    Dude Its MOJANG not MOYANG

  • Colton Bakka 7 months ago

    Minecraft IS A LIE

  • Random Man 7 months ago

    Whoever think Herobrine is real then they are retarded. That’s why the Minecraft community is full of cancer!

  • Super Tube 7 months ago

    Yo. Um bruh layer 5-12 have 7 not 8 layers through ut

  • Myke Briscoe 7 months ago

    Gold is not useless you can use on Golden Apples Or Entmmeant Golden Apples

  • The Block warrior 7 months ago

    3:40 who is dumb enough to use stone pickaxes to mine diamonds

  • Ells Gairdner 7 months ago

    Console minecraft is still kinda in the old version since there’s still roses not Poppy’s

  • Maurice van t Hazeveld 7 months ago

    I saw herobrine in MYOWN WORLD in minecraft and i saw many paintings and many tnt and bedrock and he killed me with a wooden sword 1 hit K.O

  • The Last Savage 7 months ago

    I already know all of these… So can I leave now? Thank you.

  • amir peleg 7 months ago

    gold isn’t useless, but it’s tools are really bad

  • amir peleg 7 months ago

    a lie: when you play minecraft at 3:00 am, you see herobrine or entity 303

  • Swacha Tuladhar 7 months ago

    Another Lie: You can get your frame rate to 500 by doing the following steps:
    (Inserts Random Lists of words)

  • Demonic Developer 7 months ago

    One lie–mobs can spawn anywhere with a light level below seven—mobs wont spawn within 24 blocks of you

  • darrensimmons 7 months ago

    how far u can jump people say u can jump like 10 or but u can only 4 blocks

  • Richel Suriaga 7 months ago

    Im new in the #notificationsquad

  • it was a bit sad but sweet Thompson-gill 7 months ago


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