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  • Maryann Kim 1 month ago

    mumbo if u blow up tnt on a half slab then the only thing that blows up is the slab

  • Mr. Cool 1 month ago

    Mumbo Jumbo Can you make a mining system that will take shulker boxes full of random ores/diamonds or emeralds/cobblestone all that jazz, bring them up to a storage/smelting area with a chest minecart, then empty the shulker boxes and reload the minecart and send it back?

  • Dinosaur901 1 month ago

    Fortnite, really, OMG AHAHAHAHAHHA. Your so funny

  • captingrandb yay 1 month ago

    That tree one is in a minecraft book the redstone one or the combat one

  • Zachary Obispo 1 month ago

    TNT only destroys the slab if it lands on one

  • MrCreepyPlayz 1 month ago

    I’ve never been so late to a Mumbo Jumbo video…

  • Toxic God 1 month ago


  • MrCreepyPlayz 1 month ago

    I’ve never heard of a ‘port a loo’ before but I have heard of a ‘porta potty’

  • Tramp Trikcs 1 month ago

    00:48 You see how that powered rail breaks after every time? Go into blockdata via .minecraft (i think) and set the powered rail durability? (something like that) to the same as obsidian or bedrock, so it will not break.

  • Para Lell 1 month ago

    For the first design, couldn’t you put a furnace/terracotta block ontop of the rail to keep it from being popped?

  • Random Anytime 1 month ago

    Yay fortnite battle royal camping

  • Emo Gurf 1 month ago

    2:02 Engineering fail, or construction win. You be the judge.

  • Sparrow Quantic 1 month ago

    Why can’t I find Mumbo in the description? I want to use him in the bush in front of my mansion!

  • Romeo 127 Youtuber 1 month ago


  • JnF Brothers 1 month ago

    The waterloo didn’t explode because if tnt blows up on a slab only the slab explodes

  • Fnafnator yt 1 month ago

    can we get a mumbo fortnite video that would make my day

  • Leon FX 1 month ago

    the portaloo didnt blow cz the tnt explode on a half slab this case also appear with creaper when creaper explode on a lab the slab will destroy but the surrounding will not

  • Anna Queen 1 month ago

    how do you do the minecart sand trick?

  • Sydney 6 1 month ago

    Can TNT be shot through a falling block

  • Mospus the Spider 1 month ago

    Why were there BATS under the toilet…

  • Kenneth Lawrence 1 month ago

    now you know why theres the old saying “built like a brick shithouse”

  • JDButter Animations//JDYT 1 month ago


  • Makraft Unlimited 1 month ago

    Fortunate Christmas bush

  • GAGE VAUGHN 1 month ago

    Hi Mumbo

  • ScientistCat 1 month ago

    Mumbo… that last one is the least deadly of all setups.

  • Funtime Foxy lover 1 month ago


  • Jacob Mcmahan 1 month ago

    Hey I can find a Mumbo to put in a Minecraft Bush

  • CacheCraft 1 month ago

    3:39 Someone that wants to remix that? 🙂

  • Charles Courtwright 1 month ago

    Where is the classic pit fall or crusher?

  • Tony Hetland 1 month ago

    Can you plsssss play fortnite

  • AWriterWandering 1 month ago

    Explosions do less damage on slabs

  • Cash Martin 1 month ago

    The last trap was by far the best!

  • Richard Chen 1 month ago

    What’s the song for the intro? It’s cool

  • Katie Matthews 1 month ago

    You wouldn’t fair well? Yes you would FAREWELL😂😂😂😂😂

  • berend oostenbrug 1 month ago

    i have a challenge: make a piston door without pistons.

  • Mathias Kjær Rickens 7B Lagoniskolen 1 month ago

    LOL The last is The best

  • Marjorie Hinton 1 month ago

    It whould be fun to try this on xbox, oh wait, f u Microsoft

  • Banana_Vincent 1092 1 month ago

    It’s because tnt only blows up the slab if it’s a stone slab got it?

  • Cezar Stefan 1 month ago

    Play some fortnite

  • grant g 1 month ago

    whats a portalou

  • Hano Robelthon 1 month ago

    If a tnt blow up on top of a slab.. then only the slab explode.. the peaceful mode change nothing ^^
    The tnt which blow up your house fell on a solid block
    it’s really usefull for tnt protection.. or creeper.. or everything that can blow up your build ^^

    Nice video !

  • Aperture Laboratories 1 month ago

    Let’s be serious here.
    What is a portaloo? I’m not from UK nor US, so I don’t know what that’s supposed to be.

  • Cactus Cooper 1 month ago

    Play fortnite!!!

  • TNT Barely does any damage when It’s on a bottom slab.

  • Chronomatrix 1 month ago

    If a primed piece of TNT or a creeper blows up on a slab, it destroys nothing but the slab it ended up on. The explosion size doesn’t depend on the difficulty.

  • Izma H 1 month ago

    For the tnt minecart suprise trap you just need to add a block of obsidian on top of it so it doesn’t move

  • Duy Phuc Nguyen 1 month ago

    Mumbo jumbo, been making the mincraft deadly since dab is still a thing

  • Destroy-Agar YT 1 month ago

    Lol that joke at the end 😂

  • Luxurdo 1 month ago

    2:03 Because it landed on slab

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