• xcross1205 2 weeks ago

    On the positive side: you made a nice poppyfarm! #nothelpful

  • Harr Bathtub 2 weeks ago

    Beef you should use concrete underneth the glass it ,ooks so much better!!!

  • Scott Hunter 2 weeks ago

    Why don’t you make a pixel art of the mobs’ face/head beneath the glass to match the spawner underneath. Or maybe change the glass into the pixel art? Just a suggestion. 😉

  • XBeasthammerX 2 weeks ago

    Pls beef u have a youtuber rank go to shop.minesaga.org select highest rank and look what that can doo. Everything the highest rank can u can too like/fly. /condense /feed and much more. It would make it more easy

  • Duke Toucan 2 weeks ago

    For the slime spawns you can put water going down around the spawners into a cup made out of signs so the water pushes them down when they spawn inside the other spawners/emerald blocks and into the water below then into the cactus. I use it for my magma cube spawners and it works wonders.

  • Armand Maree 2 weeks ago

    When are you going to play GTA again

  • Wout Vandeputte 2 weeks ago

    don’t sell the bones, use them as bone meal to grow carrots 😉

  • parkourmad 2 weeks ago

    Beef, when you get to island lvl 500 you should build an ore generator.

  • Leah Jones 2 weeks ago

    Beef, if you vote for the server you can get temporary fly

  • parkourmad 2 weeks ago

    you need a lava blade for the iron golems

  • BananaMan0124 2 weeks ago

    Don’t have a gap inbetween the spawners for the slime mes

  • andekul 2 weeks ago

    For the slime spwner you kan make waterstrims going whit the piller in the middel so the slime will follow it down. If you know What i mean.

  • Dr. Remy 2 weeks ago

    beef can you make episode that you visit other islands

  • BananaMan0124 2 weeks ago

    Use lava to kill the golems

  • BananaMan0124 2 weeks ago

    Do water on the bottom block then signs above the water and lava on top of the signs then it will kill the iron golems for you

  • Joshua Kapechuk 2 weeks ago

    The thing with cactus mob farms is that you have to realize that you are going to lose some drops in the cactus

  • Gaming SkillsBro 2 weeks ago

    Make so lava kill igs and btw irob got destroyed by cactus

  • killroy42 2 weeks ago

    Could you put a cactus on top of the spawner (with sand)? At least then they’d die…

  • Julijus Šeinauskas 2 weeks ago

    Half of beefs spawners stuf been destroed by cactus

  • Kordian Polczynski 2 weeks ago

    the iron spawner works
    it WAS destroyed by the cactoos

  • Michael Ryan 2 weeks ago

    just make a massive cactus farm, its the most profitable farm right?

  • J. 88 2 weeks ago

    Yeah the iron is getting pushed into the cactus. You could just move the cactus up one if you wanted to keep it like that I think, but lava works better. You are lucky that you just got your first IG now that they have made everything so much better. With the new stacking and killing mechanics you can just push them all into one lava trap and they will all die at once, as compared to when I first started and was getting stacks of 30k+ IGs dying one at a time lmao. Yesterday was the fourth time I have remade my farm since joining. I would also suggest you switch your slime spawners to creepers.
    I am Wickedprophecy on Jurassic BTW

  • Nick S 2 weeks ago

    You can take the bows and anvil them.

  • Terel Philip 2 weeks ago

    The items may be being destroyed by the cactus if it falls directly on it

  • rick454p 2 weeks ago

    I keep a lava source on my slime spawners to kill the slimes that spawn in it.

  • BangDroid 2 weeks ago

    Beef, watch a couple Skyfactory farm videos, there’s some very insightful stuff out there, I know you’d learn helpful stuff

  • boxxer81 2 weeks ago

    Nailed that Intro!

  • boxxer81 2 weeks ago

    place a cactus block between the two spawners so if they get stuck they will take damage!

  • Justin Kerns 2 weeks ago

    Drop golem in 3×3 and use lava blades

  • Its lazy llamaus 2 weeks ago

    Use lava to kill the iron golems.

  • Короткий Кирилл 2 2 weeks ago

    Чо за дебил

  • Druman19 2 weeks ago

    Slime suggestion:
    Place cacti between the spawners. If the slimes get stuck there, they will be killed and you get all of their delicious loot 🙂

  • OmniShade~ 2 weeks ago

    Try placing the slime spawners on a horizontal plane instead of stacking them vertically. Like one slime spawner in the middle then off two blocks to the right place another etc.

  • Justin Kerns 2 weeks ago

    Would putting blocks all around slime spawner 3×3 and build that up work?

  • Bek Shawty 2 weeks ago

    Replace the emerald blocks between the spawners with cactus 👍

  • Gouki Shin 2 weeks ago

    Yeah i have mostly just made exp farms, so i have to kill them. Too bad they made it hard to do auto kill farms, especially for iron golems, i was goin to do a lava blade inside a 2×2, look forward to the next vid

  • CARL CLARKE 2 weeks ago

    You need to kill mobs quicker. Cactus is too slow and distorting your iron

  • edtuckerartist 2 weeks ago

    Do /is warp EDcreative to see my Golem spawner, it’s not perfect but it works. 😀
    PS just made my first million.

  • kjemradio 2 weeks ago

    That’s pretty stupid that you have to manually kill the golem just to get the iron ingot. That really kills the point of mob farms.

  • D Caldwell 2 weeks ago

    Can you place ladders to sides or above of the slime spawner ?

  • Agion 2 weeks ago

    Not sure if this will work try placing sand on top of the first spawner then another cactus

  • The Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Beef you should wach a yt vid about iron g farms plz dont use cacti

  • place cactus under both spawners….. then they die even when stuck in spawner

  • KLaniGee 2 weeks ago

    the iron dropped against the cactus so probably got destroyed

  • jacob morrison 2 weeks ago

    Place a water source atop the pillar

  • JaredSVX 2 weeks ago

    34 to…..


  • alwino3 2 weeks ago

    maybe u can poor water from above the slimes to push them out of the spawner and then just use signs to stop the water from messing up the water flow below it.

    and maybe for the golem put the cactus up 1 block i dont know or it will still damage the golem but then the cactus doesnt destroy the iron?

  • Allan Bonayon 2 weeks ago

    Beef you have a YT rank here are the commands to help you out
    /fly to fly
    /sell handall to sell the batch of items you are holding
    /condense to compress blocks

  • Chemiical Alert 2 weeks ago

    Light blue and blue terra-cotta for the walls of the iron golem farm and same for the glass up top light blue and blue!

  • twilit13 isawesome 2 weeks ago

    beef you forgot the emerald in the middle! 😉

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