Modular underwater base or house design using tubes and bubble rooms


  • Kazama Kun 4 weeks ago

    This kinda reminds me to Subnautica

  • DudeGamer360 x 4 weeks ago

    *Like Subnautica?*

  • Z Johnson-Shackelford 4 weeks ago

    Hello random person looking at the comets

  • Gamer_Boy193 4 weeks ago


  • Manoela Siqueli 4 weeks ago

    and if you do a submarine … It would look really cool!

  • Hessiell Vlogging 4 weeks ago


  • Benton Keller 4 weeks ago

    Cool base, I especially like the elevator. Just wondering though, what happened to those funny chickens that were ruining your builds?

  • FreddyBoi 5000 4 weeks ago

    Reminds me of Subnautica!

  • Mr Refinus 4 weeks ago

    Magma Musen is have a great imagination 👍👍👍👍👍

  • lpscoffeeclips 4 weeks ago

    Can you add all your Minecraft building ideas and more like your balloons and more in one world I think I will look good and it can be a theme to if you want

  • Gabriel Espiritu 4 weeks ago


  • Cosmiccakecat 4 weeks ago

    do u ever finish or continue to add to your builds

  • StorySwap StorySpin 4 weeks ago

    HI MagmaMusen i love ur vids 1 like = i love for Magma’s vids

  • Bich Nguyen 4 weeks ago

    Đa địa ngục va macma

  • OneEthanGames 4 weeks ago

    What about a lava base in the nether

  • Kaapo Leskinen 4 weeks ago

    Can you do tutorial of that underwarter an elevator?😁😁

  • DevTube GT 4 weeks ago

    Woooooooooowwwww nice job!

  • bunda Asnel 4 weeks ago

    Im Always Support You Untill 10M

  • FedoraDude 4 weeks ago

    This kinda reminds me of Bioshock

  • Елица Георгиева 4 weeks ago

    It is very beautiful 😘

  • Ege Meow 4 weeks ago


  • AlexaSkyler E 4 weeks ago

    15:16 how do you make the bubbles like that

  • VideoMaker 28 4 weeks ago

    Thanks magmamusen! Im now inspired
    Btw i downloaded this in my downloads

  • Aura Kasih Zara 4 weeks ago

    subscribe chanel Abdussamad mtp

  • Skeleton Groom PlaysAnything 4 weeks ago

    Thanks magmamusen i can finally make underwater base from subnautica😀😀

  • Calvin Christian The 4 weeks ago

    Best but house or base?

  • cool kiwe 4 weeks ago

    Emm hi can you swedis

  • パケット 4 weeks ago

    men i love u ,the best builder on minecraft

  • Magic Boy XD 4 weeks ago

    Why are you using iron tools underwater???

  • the AwesomeFreddy 4 weeks ago

    Ha! I was faster than you! Just build a house and get sponges to delete water, then remove them.

  • BoiPlayz PH 4 weeks ago

    i alwayz LIKE YOUR ALL VIDEOZ💖😊😊😊😊

  • Sri Ganapati 4 weeks ago

    I wonder how magmamusen get these building ideas & how he has great building skills.

  • janessa Amundsen 4 weeks ago

    Your using royale high school morning MUSIC

  • Dude Stoned at gaming 4 weeks ago

    You are one of the greatest building and genius

  • AlpauPlayzYT MC 4 weeks ago

    126 dislike??!!! WTH dont dislike the best minecraft builder!!

  • Louie Leander Peregrino 4 weeks ago


  • AlpauPlayzYT MC 4 weeks ago

    Btw when ur in 5:48 its the old music of MC ant also it making my flashback when i was 6 years old now im 11 i almost cry

  • Ruby Hearn 4 weeks ago

    Did anyone else notice that he goes through the floor when the place is still full of water. Like if u saw it too 😱🤔🤯😳

  • Sniperkk TV. 4 weeks ago

    Thats like Space Base on moon wow

  • PRINCE TANGLAO 4 weeks ago


  • Aarav Suhas 4 weeks ago

    This edition is much better than PE

  • Tabby Likes Animatics :3 4 weeks ago


  • PuppetComics 4 weeks ago

    It’s cool, but it’d be cooler if you made the base more circular

  • LiLCreeper PLAYZ 4 weeks ago

    Can you decorate your island into a mini village?

  • MhaZG 4 weeks ago

    Most Profesional Builder!

  • LiLCreeper PLAYZ 4 weeks ago

    The music… is touching to this theme.

  • Litch Swag 4 weeks ago

    20 things about dolphins

  • Jamie 4 weeks ago

    Could you please add world downloads

  • Ело лоЕ 4 weeks ago

    Wtf sandy chicks ripoff lol

  • TheGamingking 4 weeks ago

    U r awesome man

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