A little house with land, beach and water for your turtles!


  • Hey magma uuuuuh could you maybe do s submarine tutorial? Or a ww2submarine or just something from ww2

  • Freya Esperanza 3 weeks ago

    cute 😍😍

  • Bridget davis 3 weeks ago

    I haven’t gotten the turtle update, .;( When will it be out for pc or X Box 1 s

  • dylan zosimo 3 weeks ago


  • Rainbowdreamer1 AJ 3 weeks ago


    don’t judge

    Im an undertale fan

  • Magentaa AJ and ROBLOX 3 weeks ago

    Wait, that song… Is that from the MTT resort??

  • Kid Channel 3 weeks ago

    Undertale theme in this video

  • Pokywan & occasional weirdos 3 weeks ago

    1 like = 1 rip for a person who has console and pocket editions minecraft but none on computer

  • Kaspian Vittnavall 3 weeks ago

    Were is Kebab?

  • Supa Savage 3 weeks ago

    Sorry to say but kebab died by accedent

  • Helena Brunholm Larsen 3 weeks ago

    Like. I love you and videos ❤️

  • Legendary Foox 3 weeks ago

    Is anyone else excited for this update in MCPE, because…I AM!

  • hirikios 3 weeks ago

    When you got hurt by the cactus I said “Ow!” XD

  • Natasha Dawson 3 weeks ago


  • johnrobert toriao 3 weeks ago

    Try to play in 3:00 am in the morning and you can see herobrine

  • Pan Papaj 3 weeks ago

    Is this music form undertale?

  • Ahzam Bari 3 weeks ago

    i couldnt stop my laughter when he bumbed into the cactus and looked at it like it was the cactus’s fault xD

  • General_Evan 3 weeks ago

    Was this based on my comment on the chicken coop video?

  • hawii fox 3 weeks ago

    8:55 ouch.. Oh hi there beautiful

  • Crystal Heartwings 3 weeks ago

    For some reason this update hasn’t come out in Norway yet when will it come?

  • EndermanFan2018 3 weeks ago

    What’s your Minecraft version are you playing?

  • Norbert Nazarkiewicz 3 weeks ago

    Where is Kebab?

  • wato lookinat 3 weeks ago

    lol his engilsh 😂 4:44

    edit : im not hating ok 😊

  • Tobias Nestor 3 weeks ago

    dina vidio’s ger bra tips

  • 4pzpanda 3 weeks ago

    ANIMAL CAPTIVE, thats a really small house for turtle, but we can always expand on it right?

  • Epic Wolf 3 weeks ago

    I love how you use Undertale music in your videos, you always choose the relaxing songs from Undertale and it really fits you.

  • Epic Wolf 3 weeks ago

    I also really like how you used the actual Minecraft song, people just slap new catchy songs over it when minecraft music is very beautiful. I am actually a big fan of minecraft’s music, same with Undertale!

  • alison thomson 3 weeks ago

    At 8:55 lol

  • Anna Consoli 3 weeks ago

    8:53 lol😂

  • ZiLkY bLoX 3 weeks ago

    Okey… whait is the uptate out now??? Like a lot of yt-bers are using it so i dont know! Please tell me

  • Dominicentek Playz 3 weeks ago

    How to make an elevator:
    Sorry for copying your style

  • TheLukoW32 3 weeks ago

    Turn down for


  • J.B. Gamer 3 weeks ago

    Pls shout out

  • Abby with my best sis emily The Gamming Girlz! 3 weeks ago

    I ❤️ sea turtles they are the cutest ❤️ 🐢

  • Cançons tradiçionals 3 weeks ago

    Hello Magmamusen this is beautiful

  • Just Jrs 3 weeks ago

    Wow. In my MC there’s no turtles. ☺
    Edit: is this a mod because i really dont have turtles, answer me guys.

  • Bagi King ツ 3 weeks ago

    Why dont you make a Survival World and Record you are so good at Minecraft Please

  • Wilma s 3 weeks ago

    Would have made it one block wider. But nice idea!

  • taills dobry przyjaciel sonica! 3 weeks ago

    ✔Do Working Bus✔

  • Robert YT 3 weeks ago

    What the version you have?

  • Isabell 222 3 weeks ago

    Magma Musen please please tell me when the update will come out in Minecraft Pocket Edition😭

  • mochammad yoga 3 weeks ago

    What’s my name?

  • Deathenator 3 weeks ago

    MagmaMusen, could the house be bigger?

  • janelley abaja 3 weeks ago

    What version of minecraft is this?
    and where did you install it?

  • Quan Nguyen 3 weeks ago

    =) 1.13 new

  • Sri Wedaringsih 3 weeks ago

    8:53 LOLOOLOLOl XD

  • Girly Eclipse 3 weeks ago


  • Electro Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Why Do You Always Use Musics From Undertale?

  • GAMING WITH COC MASTER 3 weeks ago

    Magma is born on 1953 and his age 64 you can check it on (Famous birthday ) like my comment

  • Fobeebo 3 weeks ago

    is this update out yet on pc????

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