Furniture! A bunch of decorative chair designs you can use to improve


  • MagmaMusen 1 month ago

    Make any chair sittable:

    Enjoy! 😀

  • Elise Marld 4 weeks ago

    You made one twice

  • Fredzie G 4 weeks ago

    Man.. I miss minecraft😢

  • Julius anthony Bayot 4 weeks ago

    Thanks man it works!!! my friends are so believe in me

  • Jr. Comprado 4 weeks ago

    3:40 the acacia chair looks impressive

  • ANTONIO J. BUNGCAG JR. 4 weeks ago

    I watch all your vid and i pleace them i my minecraft thak you for macking all this vid 😊😊😊
    Love you💗💗💗💗

  • sentinel terence 4 weeks ago

    is it all sitable?

  • Faker Assassin 4 weeks ago

    Use a minecart and a stair
    Place a stair behind the minecart and use a piston to move the stair

  • Grimz Zcythe 4 weeks ago

    I love how the intro just says “How to make _Chairs_ :D”

  • Claudie Claudine 4 weeks ago

    What is that little door?

  • Mirjam Elbers 4 weeks ago

    I have a world full of your creations! They are so fantastic!!!

  • Praecantetia 4 weeks ago

    Oh you made a authentic school chair

  • Praecantetia 4 weeks ago

    The fact that you don’t shift click the items instead of dragging them down is really frustrating to me lol

  • Wow Your Video And You Are The Best 🙂 You the best youtuber!

  • Fist Al 4 weeks ago

    Hi Magma! Thnx. for the ideas! I would like to have a request if you could show an elevator tutorial? If you can’t then it’s fine, Thnx!

  • Kent The Robloxian Goat 4 weeks ago

    you actually have a chair design you have made which is the sofas
    y u no get it in here?

  • Mathias Plum 4 weeks ago


  • Gabriel Glenn Manuel Jr. 4 weeks ago

    Please sub to magma musen

  • Ayesza Villamor 4 weeks ago

    where did he get tha…trapdoor?????

  • Raja Enriquez 4 weeks ago

    When r u gonna face reveal or talk reveal plzzz

  • Elsa Febriyani 4 weeks ago

    Cool😘 beatiful

  • Siti Asyura Indah 4 weeks ago

    pls how to update minecraft version in 1.12 to 1.13

  • valou //A 4 weeks ago

    Géniale +1 subscribe (i am french i little speak english) une video magnifique c très beau bravo pour ton jolie travail !

  • Æ Œ Nazlıcan 4 weeks ago

    THE DOORS IS TRAPDOOR!?!?!?!?!😕😕😕😕😕😕

  • Russel Bacani 4 weeks ago


  • FOCKERS SangAmatir 4 weeks ago

    I Have A Text on Subtitle

  • WOOOOOOOOOOOOSH 4 weeks ago

    This Is Just The Video I Needed,
    Thanks Man!

  • Mohamad Tayba 4 weeks ago

    Is this in snapshot

  • Indo _Gamerz 4 weeks ago

    I was subs you from 300.000 subs

  • The Funny Guy 4 weeks ago

    magma musen try getting a clock into the nether!! it gets confused! please use my idea!xD love your videos and you!

  • jareb matt breily ando 4 weeks ago

    the dark oak slab looks like chocolate bar

  • Captain ALD 4 weeks ago

    you creative pig

  • Yanfeng Ross 4 weeks ago

    if only you could place vertical slabs

  • Abil Dark 4 weeks ago

  • Roxana Diana 4 weeks ago

    that birch door it’s the door from my balcony XD

  • AA94 YT 4 weeks ago

    Duck u

  • AA94 YT 4 weeks ago

    Fuck u

  • Ananda nanda 4 weeks ago


  • AA94 YT 4 weeks ago

    Frecking bitch frek

  • unicorn fluff 4 weeks ago

    I had two account and I subbed them two on you 🙂 😉

  • Ipah Mamah 4 weeks ago

    I like to Video So Weasome

  • frost_gold _27 4 weeks ago

    Tanks broo

  • Steve Vll 4 weeks ago

    how are there still minecraft youtubers WHAT THE FUCK

  • unicorn fluff 4 weeks ago

    People that disliked the video because of his imperfection
    Everyone is not perfect!! ♡❤♡♥♡

  • Francis quinn Perater 4 weeks ago

    I LOVE U MANGA<3:) can i call u magen? Ty^_^

  • amor dacasin 4 weeks ago

    3:37 Yeah I know that

  • Ice Ice 4 weeks ago


  • Oshawott x Poppilio 4 weeks ago

    Updated 😛

  • Caky plays 4 weeks ago

    Love ur videos magma.

  • Camille Jasmine Riogelon 4 weeks ago

    where did you get that trap door

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