• Katieemmaw 2 weeks ago

    I love how vibrant the coral is – can’t wait to see the end result 😀

  • Jerry 2 weeks ago

    Is mc 1.13 out?

  • Mr Cow 979 2 weeks ago


  • Kyle Sergie 2 weeks ago


  • xXPlasmaGamer _10Xx 2 weeks ago

    false since they’re in a river so possibly a mod and also it isn’t very detailed

  • AcaOrange 2 weeks ago

    Trivia answer is false

  • Jenny Carp 2 weeks ago


  • MiinePawz 2 weeks ago

    Trivia : False

    Shark will come in a future snapshot

  • bokyproky 2 weeks ago

    I mean I did show a snapshot so true?

  • Willi Wildfang 2 weeks ago


  • The Cool kid 335729 2 weeks ago


  • super Ali BH 2 weeks ago


  • rocky gamecraft 2 weeks ago


  • HNATC & the world 2 weeks ago

    answer to the trivia time question: i’m sure it’s false

  • Alan Kennedy 2 weeks ago

    When I try to join ur server it says that it is an outdated server because I’m on 1.13 snapshots will this get fixed? PLEASE

  • Razvan Andrei Radulescu 2 weeks ago

    False(i think)

  • John Willson 2 weeks ago

    1:24 are you Sans?

  • åŻ 1ž 2 weeks ago

    What’s wrong with your voice

  • Neven Elshirpiny 2 weeks ago

    Trivia answer is false

  • lps sweet treats 2 weeks ago

    😀 I’m gonna go listen to the song Happy now

  • Gaming With Monto 2 weeks ago


  • biosprite 2 weeks ago


  • captin knuckes 2 weeks ago

    They should Change the Coral’ s texture to look more like coral It should be how they showed it at minecon

  • Emrald ocelot 2 weeks ago

    iDeactivateMC: ITTTTTS TRIVIA TIME. This is the part of the video where-
    Me: I stop watching
    iDeactivateMC: 🙁

  • mystical H 2 weeks ago


  • Littlebolium THE MASTER 2 weeks ago

    Question: answer yes

  • Conor O'Shea 2 weeks ago

    I get the ( ruins ) joke XD

  • Ish _¥thorben¥ 2 weeks ago

    Trivia: false

  • Tomas Sukuris 2 weeks ago


  • MINEMISTO Cel Mai Tare 2 weeks ago


  • MINEMISTO Cel Mai Tare 2 weeks ago

    When is the update release?

  • Loxxy TV 2 weeks ago

    yea notch wanted to add sharks in minecraft but then he cancelled it 🙁

  • Skeleton Groom PlaysAnything 2 weeks ago

    8:00 I just said that

  • Mr. Hymn 2 weeks ago

    False! but I wish they do.

  • SSB_Simos 2 weeks ago

    I think they should keep the phantoms on the end. I know that with phantoms you wouldn’t try to kill the dragon because of them but they should place 1 or 2 spawn cages and each spawn cage should spawn 3 to 4 phantoms. That’s my opinion because it looks like a mob that spawns in the end. Something i would like is if the player could tame and ride the phantoms and do this dive attack, the player would tame them with a rare item that could be crafted because if the item was in the end it wouldn’t be worth because if you kill the ender dragon you finish the game so you are not as hyped as before. This would be good only in multiplayer because you have friends and it would be a lot of fun to fly and creating games with the phantoms. Forgot to mention that because phantoms do a skydive attack you would need a saddle and a lead too. But if they add this feature i wouldn’t mind if this “rare” item is crafted or not. One more thing is that they should add thinks like morphing and other cool stuff so we don’t need to download mods and buy servers to play multiplayer with mods. That’s my opinion anyway!! Sorry for the giant comment 😅 (Thanks for reading btw, if you read it)

  • Oh hello s¡r 2 weeks ago


  • Nasa GM3 2 weeks ago

    More RealLife On Minecraft Yes More Realistic Ini Minecraft Oh God Oh God Promoted!!!!! Minecraft Oh God Oh God

  • Langhauthang Shoute 2 weeks ago

    trident and axe are a lot stronger than a sword

  • Im Turtles 2 weeks ago

    I kinda wanted to see shiprecks and maybe thats were you would find
    Da trident

  • An Nan 2 weeks ago


  • Darius Oproescu 2 weeks ago


  • theminecraftgreeksoulist Τσιαρας 2 weeks ago

    Best forever!!!!

  • Silviu Gligor 2 weeks ago


  • The Grass Block //GrassyTgb 2 weeks ago

    Trivia: False

  • KiseliChicken 2 weeks ago

    Tridents should take 2 slots of inventory

  • Nina XD 2 weeks ago


  • MagbluJP AJ 2 weeks ago

    False. Notch wasn’t plan to add sharks in the game but he was planning to add fishes in the game. Today, devs confirmed that they won’t add sharks because they are endangered as they are misunderstood as monsters, come close to sharks and kill sharks in real life. But that doesn’t make sense though.

  • Neuling Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Antony what is wrong with your Microphone?

  • z gadkari 2 weeks ago


  • Amy Corcoran 2 weeks ago


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