• graziporto 4 months ago

    Good Job! No speak english, sorry.

  • the cool player 4 months ago

    Its everything is cool

  • Imperial Gaming 4 months ago

    Can you make a moving gaming chair?

  • YouCube26 The OK Cuber 4 months ago

    I have this mod for myself and it has just made Minecraft more fun! Thanks MrCrayfish!

  • eddie jones 4 months ago


  • eddie jones 4 months ago

    red laptop

  • I installed your furniture mod, and it works well! The problem I was having is that it sometimes crashes when I play it too long! Can someone explain to me whats going on?

  • santill 4 months ago

    hey cray the lights are not included in the mod and the laptop hasn’t got the application either

  • santill 4 months ago

    I don’t know if I downloaded the right version, it has a lot of bugs

  • Brannum Russell 4 months ago


  • VariableSpy1719 4 months ago

    i love everything about this

  • MRMDAWURM MRMDAWURM 4 months ago

    What if you are allergic to cheese?

  • pepper 4 months ago

    The lights are so cool. Easily the best feature in the setup.

  • Thomas Rewniak 4 months ago


  • Yoshi Blatch 4 months ago

    mrcrayfish can you plz updata the mod to 1.7.10

  • Menume 4 months ago

    You should make a phone in this mod and you could print stuff also with it

  • Enjel Kaela 4 months ago

    it,s Just mod

  • Joseph catZ 4 months ago

    What about cream cheese and crackers

  • you need to add a full scren TV

  • Gonad DaBeerBellian 4 months ago

    Liking the beard dude. It gives you that whole “Call me Ishmael” vibe.

  • MR. CHICKEN 4 months ago

    I like a lime

  • Ahmed Aahil 4 months ago


  • Obsidian Endermen 4 months ago

    Love the mod

  • Mythic Lee 4 months ago

    Oh beard 😮

  • Ahmed Aahil 4 months ago

    also try adding speakers and microphones and headphones!!!!

  • dave gaming 4 months ago

    cool mod make another one

  • Cristian Tanase 4 months ago


  • amazing kid 4 months ago

    thank you for making it 1.12.2

  • 李政源 4 months ago

    does it srport 1.8.9??

  • Я люблю водку 4 months ago

    Ca I/we craft it in Survival? When yes, how can I craft those Items?

  • Cédric Paradis 4 months ago


  • 李政源 4 months ago


  • Siddeshwar NavinKumar 4 months ago


  • Apple Chan 4 months ago

    ı get the mod in latest version thanks make rgb and mechanical keyboard keyboard also make more games like pixel csgo (pixel gun 3d in phone)

  • santill 4 months ago

    Why are these items uncraftable? there should be a recipe for each one

  • Shave the beard!!

  • Kay Van veen 4 months ago

    Cool update

  • Женис Исмагулов 4 months ago

    Фу-фу-фу новые ярыловичи Кузьма соси соси соси соси

  • Tronality 4 months ago

    is this a mod

  • jimmy torres 4 months ago

    Wat is with the beard?

  • Mhty5 4 months ago


  • Kaizar XO 4 months ago

    The best mod i ever see

  • Toby Espiritu 4 months ago

    all of them

  • cray u should make the blue tooth lights collar changing to eny collor or have a sicle

  • ScootInstert 4 months ago

    i havent watched you in so long and then i watched this and i saw you had a beard
    i was shook

  • Meysonne 4 months ago

    do you like apple flavored cheese and crackers cuz in a video I watched of you when you switched to your apple flavored cheese and crackers it said apple

  • Mars Mass 4 months ago


  • flamming_keiren 4 months ago

    why isnt the new version downloadable?

  • NSS Studios 4 months ago

    Please make for 1.11.2 of minecraft. I do have forge for 1.12 but i would prefer to use this mod for 1.11.2 because all my other mods are 1.11.2 and some of them are only available for 1.11.2. Please make for 1.11.2 thanks.

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