• FuturisticHub 5 months ago

    Hey everyone! Here’s the deal. Lets get this to 10K LIKES if you want this series to continue. YouTube has literally been a pain in everyones you know what so can we make a goal? Also, thanks for the support! See you guys in the next one! BIG ANIMATIONS PLANNED! Stick around and tell a friend! 😀
    Missed the fun? Watch the ENTIRE playlist here! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrOm5eFVlpkcfOcEnaLeQDJQwD5gZ1cu-

  • Sticknodes Kk khalil 5 months ago

    Goku Go ssj get it

  • JayWills 10 5 months ago

    GOKU NO WAY!!!!!!

  • RICHARD HOTS 5 5 months ago

    how did The Angry Birds get in Minecraft anyway.

  • Hector Carpio 5 months ago

    is sonic mario spongebob and his friend right.of what? to save him steve

  • Ankha Le 5 months ago

    Is that Goku

  • Petar Kostic 5 months ago

    Was that goku

  • Muhd Mikhail 5 months ago

    is that GOKU?

  • Caleb Edwards 5 months ago

    you have a good videos like spongebob Sonic Angry Birds and Doctor who but Fred the red bird he is funny your videos are good i hope you mack more videos of The Angry Birds and SpongeBob and Sonic

  • Artist Adule 5 months ago

    GOKU?! 4:17

  • Some YouTuber Person 5 months ago

    Will Steve Become a God?

  • Jontavious mathias 5 months ago


  • bill smoke 5 months ago

    Who’s the 5 year old that made this

  • Warrior56 the twintuber 5 months ago

    Unscramble these words to see the secret person if you dont know : ugko

  • Richnon/disneylover9727 5 months ago

    Love your works 🙂 I would like to ask that maybe on your next video soon, maybe you can put Samurai Jack in the show?

  • LA Native 5 months ago

    Pls let gokus form be ultra instinct

  • mohammed mayat 5 months ago

    make a Christmas one again for December

  • DANGHD 2 5 months ago

    3:52 LOL

  • DANGHD 2 5 months ago

    I love you FuturisticHub i like you the most you make super cool animations

  • Ajan Profesyonel 5 months ago


  • maria lopez 5 months ago


  • LeichterHelm 5 months ago

    Needed in Minecraft Part 2 pleace

  • Samanta Niz 5 months ago

    I like this

  • Ahmed Mattar 5 months ago


  • Ahmed Mattar 5 months ago


  • persnickety demon 5 months ago

    You put son yoku eeeeeh

  • Leroey 78 5 months ago

    1 like for Goku and The entire Dragonball – Dragonball Super series!!!!

  • killer brine 5 months ago

    Is a guko

  • killer brine 5 months ago

    Is a goku

  • DragonBall SSJ12 5 months ago

    Finally one of my favorite youtubers puts goku in his animations yes! and you actually sound like goku

  • Dokkan Verse 5 months ago

    Is is what god stays up in heaven

  • Dokkan Verse 5 months ago

    This makes me want to drink a container of bleach

  • rocraft plays 5 months ago

    That’s goku isn’t it from drangonball

  • James le 5 months ago


  • ultimate gohan 5 months ago

    Hey that my dad goku

  • Jayce Davis 5 months ago

    17 episode

  • Marky Nicols 5 months ago

    ya thats guko i wonder what will happen to steve

  • Gerard M. 5 months ago

    I now it ther is Goku

  • Ricochet King 5 months ago

    Goku: I’ve been expecting you..Let your training begin! 😎

  • Ashley Castro 5 months ago


  • xXx_YourBoi_xXx _ 5 months ago

    Is that goku in in the numbnail btw I’m at the beggining of the vid lol xD



  • Romana Carabajal 5 months ago

    Its Goku from Dragon Ball Super i bet

  • Willie Holley 5 months ago

    Is that goku

  • TheElement OfFyre 5 months ago

    Was that Goku?

  • Paul Rosenberg 5 months ago

    Obviously Goku

  • Sanderson Bird 5 months ago

    I like Black Bird!😕

  • Sanderson Bird 5 months ago

    It ended there😶

  • Jax Razel Sijo 5 months ago

    So fucking cringey dont make other videos ever again faggot

  • the Explosive creeper 5 months ago


  • Fling Gonza 5 months ago


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