• 09sharkboy 3 weeks ago

    Did you guys enjoy the *SQUADS PLAN* Minecraft Music Video PARODY? Let me know by leaving a LIKE and SUBSCRIBING to my YouTube Channel! Let me know what song we should do NEXT!

  • Commander Cody 3 weeks ago

    #no bullis

  • Savage idiot 3 weeks ago


  • Joseph Call 3 weeks ago


  • McPanda 3 weeks ago

    this guy can’t sing low tho

  • itszachcraft mc 3 weeks ago

    Make this a roleplay

  • Naruto Master 3 weeks ago

    It was so good if i had to choose which person should stop youtube i would pick myself over u because the song was so good

  • Carson Shields 3 weeks ago

    Hi moose and unspeakable BTW my favorite YouTubers

  • Carlie McMullen 3 weeks ago

    I love this song and I love that the squad and that moose shark and unspeakables voice is in it!!

  • Virgie Salinas 3 weeks ago

    I love it so cool

  • Bryce Vann 3 weeks ago

    Did I just see a diamond dress

  • Thad's life magnaye lfe 3 weeks ago

    Aye #squadforlife

  • carlosthegamer 123 3 weeks ago

    This song is lit

  • Ronald Waters 3 weeks ago

    That was the best

  • Katy Camacho 3 weeks ago


  • Franzelle Playz 3 weeks ago

    Their so CUTE!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😄😄

  • KingHoan 3 weeks ago

    You suck you ripped of the best song ever

  • Franzelle Playz 3 weeks ago

    did you guys sang this song??

  • bad time trio 3 weeks ago

    Yo that was so fuckin DOPE IT WAS SO FUCKIN DOPE

  • BearPuffGaming 3 weeks ago

    Nice music video!👍

  • Shmelsie V 3 weeks ago

    This is probley my favorite song ever

  • DarkGaming! 3 weeks ago

    the bully looks crossed eyed.

  • Daphne Hester 3 weeks ago

    They should do cold as ice

  • Mohammad Shoaib 3 weeks ago

    this is good sorry i missed it yesterday

  • Jacqueline Dulay 3 weeks ago

    Great animation!!!

  • Killson Thunder 3 weeks ago

    Nothing beets IN THE NATION shark but love the vid

  • Bri Bananas 3 weeks ago

    Love love love it!!!

  • Gian Ralp Javier 3 weeks ago

    l love that song

  • Kawaii Bunny 3 weeks ago


    I loaf it. :3

  • Touriya Begay 3 weeks ago

    So dope

  • Sandhya Verma 3 weeks ago

    Hey guys do you agree that TheSquad is the troll masters , if yes write in your chat #TheSquadaretrollmasters
    Like if you agree

  • Mark Arce 3 weeks ago

    Don’t mess the squad like if you want to team up with moose unspeakable and 09sharkboy

  • Funtime Ocean the wolf 3 weeks ago

    Good job

  • Naz Timothy 3 weeks ago


  • ItZmiraXie 360 3 weeks ago

    Bad singing but good video LOL

  • I Love CupCakes 3 weeks ago

    The song starts at 3:41. thank me later

  • Ryan Dayrit 3 weeks ago

    It’s so lame09poopboy

  • Homie Squid XZ 3 weeks ago

    Shark can you give me a time stand of how long it took to make it

  • Homie Squid XZ 3 weeks ago

    Yo this is lit like fire put the bullies on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Adil Hasan 3 weeks ago

    I have watched all of your and unspeakable gaming and moose video but is this best beeeeeest video I have ever seen in my entire life and in your biggest fan ever

  • Rupa Saha 3 weeks ago

    so frickkin cool

  • Ryguyrocky Lover 3 weeks ago

    Love it tho 😀😀😀

  • fresh 3 weeks ago

    Bro do another one this was amazing

  • galaxy Eagle 3 weeks ago

    AWESOME 👌👌

  • wolfy boy 3 weeks ago

    Im felling bad for unspeakeblegaming and sharkboy got punsch

  • Tri Yono 3 weeks ago

    Im no 1 subcribe 1000 subcribe

  • clash viper 3 weeks ago

    Dont mess with the squad

  • thediamondcrafter xxcoolgamesxx 3 weeks ago

    How can he talk even if he doesnt have a mouth

  • Meave Galvin 3 weeks ago

    Nice I love God’s Plan

  • It'sRey 3 weeks ago


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