• Aaron Trupiano 5 months ago

    I got new headphinss new keyboard and a new mouse

  • jay helmke 5 months ago

    ha, 2cnd like goes to me

  • Mart Ruedisueli 5 months ago

    Hey IJevin, you get the infinity bosster
    card by beating the dragon in the end

  • GamesFTW 101 5 months ago


  • Mantelis 2017 5 months ago

    Nice video

  • Darren Nelson 5 months ago

    New planets and I got a vr goggles

  • Johnnyboy 2002 5 months ago

    #questionoftheday, space go to space to o to her planet my duuud

  • PK 11 5 months ago

    I get Don’t starve together for Christmas. And I’m super happy for this Christmas.

  • xPatanSebbex 5 months ago

    Episode 14???? U mean 16 right?!

  • EverythingLegit Gamer 5 months ago

    Mine one of your existing factory blocks put it in painter paint cobble

  • The TubeTitan 5 months ago

    You get the infinity buster card from loot chest

  • pixelman619 5 months ago

    I want the aether 2 in the base game

  • cooljay 49 5 months ago

    I got the iPhone X if that counts

  • Coyt Anderson 5 months ago

    Go defeat the Ender Dragon to get the infinity booster card.

  • Erik M 5 months ago

    Question of the day is just aether or galacticcraft

  • Billwie Campshure 5 months ago

    I got a pair of headphones that are matte black with chrome highlights

  • David New 5 months ago

    Glad my comment was of use man, btw as mentioned below already, painted cobble is the only real solution until the update fixes the bug with factory blocks, X had the same problem on foolcraft recently i believe

  • Cloud Unity 5 months ago

    Mate those solar things you got are insane make the solar panels with them it makes a ton of RF

  • PistolPete2k3 5 months ago

    I got a gaming Chair and a Gaming Mouse for Christmas 😀

  • PistolPete2k3 5 months ago

    The Factory Block recipe is a bug with the version of the pack

  • ChaosmanOne 5 months ago

    Yeah, I don’t know what TheCazadorSniper was thinking, exactly, but the update broke a million things and made a hundred million other things less fun and more annoying for no reason. I’m running version 1.3.3 like a boss with zero issues, having a blast, nearing endgame and WILL NOT be updating! Sorry to hear about your issues…my advice is to roll back to 1.3.3 and voice your collective opinions to TheCazadorSniper about all this nonsense.

  • Jennifer Blair 5 months ago

    if your really worried about losing items put half slabs around the edges of your sieves on the bottom half of the block that would be above the sieves……holds in everything

  • Mohamed Desouki 5 months ago

    The infinity booster car is dropped from the ender dragon or wither or you can ask wells he’s got a lot

  • O Jogador 5 months ago


  • Zach Gamez MC 5 months ago

    Ijevin you put 14 but it’s ep 16

  • dj TG 5 months ago

    Hi Ijevin I just one say that your let’s play minecraft 2 awesome is

  • D Walker 5 months ago

    I got parts for a gaming computer for Christmas I am building it right now

  • Alex Robinson 5 months ago

    Thumbnail error!

  • Kaden Watt 5 months ago

    i got a toy Moby huge

  • RevDragonus 5 months ago

    1.3.4 was a horrible update, we rolled our server back to 1.3.3 and wait for 1.3.5 to release with the fixes

  • RevDragonus 5 months ago

    infinity booster card is looted from end dragon.

  • aron johansen 5 months ago

    Can I borrow some money?Can I borrow some money?Can I borrow some money?

  • aron johansen 5 months ago


  • Rockhound 28 5 months ago

    New Planet

  • Rachel's Cards 5 months ago

    #QOTD a new planet

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